Thursday, March 8, 2012

Working in Two Lessons a Week?

March 8, 2012
Pain Field
Cessna 152
1.0 hours, 7 landings

I talked to my flight instructor about trying to squeeze in two lessons a week. The only way I could do that was if instead of our lessons lasting for 1.3-2.0 they would have to be .8-1.0. If we could manage that I would be able to go up twice a week. The only problem with that though, was that we wouldn't really have a lot of time to work on maneuvers and maneuvers are just as important to get down. So I made a deal, we'd fly 1 point something the first week, then the second we'd have two 1.0 hours and the following week back to 1 point something. That way I could hopefully get to solo by my birthday while still practicing all the essential maneuvers without feeling pinched for time. So today, was a marathon of touch and goes for the full hour. I started out with a sloppy pattern, but eventually cleaned it up and made sure to stay at it. I also noticed my CFI wasn't talking to me as much. Instead, he was simply sitting there only throwing in his inputs towards the last half hour of my lesson. It made me nervous. Its unusual for him to be quiet when I'm flying (not in a bad way of course).

Up until this point my main issue with landing was that I would flare too soon. Continually, all I would hear from my CFI was that I was flaring too soon and that was why we would fall down or bounce or balloon. Yet, today  I wasn't flaring soon enough, I can't tell if that's an improvement or not. I'm no longer making the same mistake I repeatedly made, instead I'm making a new mistake. I guess its just the process though. Hopefully, my next flight I'll know just when to flare... Did I mention my CFI was quiet half the flight?! It's scaring me. I think he's thinking about letting me go off on my own.. Thinking about soloing makes me sick to my stomach. I'm not ready. Can't possibly be, my landings still aren't great.

But anyways, 14 days till my birthday and I've got another flight this Friday, the following Thursday and then finally one on my birthday. Will I be ready to solo by then? We haven't brought it up for awhile... did he forget my goal to solo by then? But he was quiet. I'm also at 21 something hours.... don't most students solo by then? Am I doing something wrong...?

First page down
First page officially all filled, now to start on the second!

Total cost invested thus far: $4406

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