Chasing Ella is a blog about life and living it. More specifically, my life.

I first created this blog when I was a student pilot just begining my flight training at RegalAir. It was a way for me to document my training. I wrote for me, not for anyone else. Along the way my lessons became less frequent and my life became busier.
After almost 2 years of not blogging I found myself being drawn back here for multiple reasons. A lot can happen in just 2 years, a lot did happen. My life was flipped upside down and I was scrambling to hold onto what I knew, what I was used to. I suddenly began to understand that life wasn't what I was told as a child. I started doing activities that I genuinely enjoyed (not activities that I "needed" to do to make my resume/ linkedin look better). I began to travel more, to hike more, to write more, and as a result I began to learn more about myself.

Somewhere along my journey I started querying different ideas to magazine editors for fun (yes, I’m weird I guess). I couldn’t believe it when some editors actually responded back to me. After failing miserably at my first writing attempt (okay, they at least responded and were interested, so that was worth something, right?) I decided to give it another go. This time, I made it all the way to the printing press. I can officially say that I have been published (not just online, but in an actual magazine).

So in the end, this blog is basically about the side of my life that I hope inspires- because I am just like you. I don’t come from money and when I travel I’M NOT PAID to blog about it. I travel for the fun of it. I blog for the fun of it. I hike for the fun of it. I write for the fun of it. What you read on here are my raw experiences uncorrupted by some company.

These are the stories of my hikes, my travels, my articles, my book, my life. You can follow (or rather chase) me as I fly into the sky, as I do hikes all across the state, as I explore different cultures, as I compose articles, and as I write a book. Or not, that’s the great thing about this place on the web. It’s a place where I write without judgment. I see the page views creep up but I have no idea who does and does not read these words.

Go create something, be adventurous, live your life, and inspire others.