- How To Achieve the Bohemian Look on a Budget
- New Research on Knuckle Popping

In Progress:
-A book about the challenges and struggles faced while living in the Middle East post 9/11.
-An aviation article on female pilots.

Present and Past Goals:
2015 Hiking Goal (not completed): March 2015: Heather Lake (Washington), Sequoia National Forest (California)
April 2015: Diamond Head (Hawaii), Manoa Falls (Hawaii)
May 2015: Lake 22 (Washington)
June 2015: Lake Serene (Washington)
July 2015: Mount Pilchuck (Washington)
August 2015: Little Si 
September 2015: Mount Erie 
October 2015: Heather Maple Pass Loop 
November 2015: Wallace Falls (Washington)
December 2015: X X X X X
January 2016: X X X X X
February 2016: Olimpic National Park (Washington)
March 2016: Mailbox Peak 

2014 Travel Goal (completed): March 2014: Puerto Vallarta (Mexico).
April 2014: San Francisco (California), Minneapolis (Minnesota)
May 2014: Las Vegas (Nevada)
June 2014: Cannon Beach (Oregon)
July 2014: Washington DC (Washington), Daytona Beach (Florida)
August 2014: Paris (France)
September 2014: Washington DC (Washington)
October 2014: Los Angeles (California)
November 2014: Kauai (Hawaii)
December 2014: Las Vegas (Nevada)
January 2015*: Rear ended. Unable to travel. Traveled twice the following month to make up for it.
February 2015: Mainz (Germany), Rome (Italy), Daytona Beach (Florida), Las Vegas (Nevada)
March 2015: Sequoia National Forest (California)
April 2015: Honolulu (Hawaii)