Thursday, February 2, 2012


January 24, 2012
Pain Field
Cessna 152
1.5 hours, 4 landings

Touch and go
Waiting for him to complete his touch and go

After not having gone flying in almost two weeks I’m rusty. I felt like I had to be walked through every single maneuver, I’m sure I frustrated my instructor. I was frustrated at myself! We worked on just some manuvers over the water today. Slow flight, steep turns, power on stalls, then we went back for my first landing on the big runway. My stalls are starting to really come together nicely, and once im in my slow flight I've basically got in down (at least for this week I do, who knows how I will be next week!). 

As I was doing the usual touch and goes Tower basically yelled at me and told me to make my pattern more squared as I come into my landings. I will admit my pattern work was more sloppy than usual. I think it has to do with the fact that the runway is just so big compared to what I'm used to and the illusions were throwing me off.

The airwaves were super busy I wonder if I’ll ever be able to focus on the airwaves and fly the plane efficiently. It sure doesn’t seem like it to me. I know I’m ever slightly improving on my landings though, so that’s nice. Besides my last landing, I bounced for the first time in awhile, that was a little discoraging. Also, my instructors mike wasn’t working so I had to make all the calls, which made it even more difficult for me. It’s all still so overwhelming. When will I feel like I’ve got a grasp on things? I still feel like I’m on my second or third lesson. Its ridiculous. I still love it more than ever, I just feel like I'm hardly making progress.

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