Saturday, February 4, 2012

Radio Work- Uncontrolled Airport

February 2, 2012
Pain Field
Cessna 152
1.5 hours, 6 landings

Today, was a good day. We went back to Arlington and I was on the radios for the first time at an uncontrolled airport. I was of course, a disaster the first time. My call wen a little like this;

“Arlington Traffic, Cessna one two three turning………. (long pause while still holding the mike in) left… (second long pause) crosswind 34R…..?”

I stuttered out the last part and I forgot to end with Arlington traffic. It was bad. My instructor went on to say, “It helps to say it in your head first and then say it aloud.” Part of me wanted to shove him out of the plane at that moment. Like I hadent repeated it to myself a bunch already! My reponse? “I did think of it before I said it! I even wrote it down!” My problem is, is that I have mike fright to the max that seems to be getting progressively worse. You’d think it wouldn’t be bad because I’m at an uncontrolled airport, but nope. I’m still a disaster over the radio. I don't get it either, because usually this isnt an issue for me. I'm a quiet person at times, but when I need to I have no fear of speaking up. I just don't understand why my mike fright is so horrid! 

After that howerver, It wasn’t so bad. And after another circuit I had it down. I really don’t know what my issue is, I’m not afraid of talking over the radio, I’m not afraid of Tower. I wish I knew how I could get over this without having to go through the hard way. But if it’s the hard way that'll teach me, then so be it, because at least I’m learning now with my instructor and not going out on my own and being completely lost. Today, was also another days of slow flight and power on/off stalls. My slow flight is coming together amazingly, my biggest issue right now is the entry, once I nail that I think I’ll be comfortable practicing slow flight all day everyday.

Total cost invested thus far: $3325

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