Monday, July 21, 2014

Back to the beginning of our first adventure, FLORIDA!

I think it’s safe to say that Connor and I have caught the travel bug. This is actually saying something since we are both students of aviation and have always had a passion for travel. Our appetite for traveling has amplified. It’s like the thrill of finally mastering a skill. Take swimming for instance, when you are learning you really are swimming, but it’s not until you finally can do it all on your own that you get really excited about it. After that, you don’t want to leave the pool. All you can think about is going back out to swim again and then taking it to the next level, like swimming in an actual lake. That is what traveling has become to Connor and I. We have mastered the art of traveling. We know exactly when to leave for the airport, when the lines at TSA will be bad, what snacks are best to take on a flight, how much we really need to pack, what items to keep on our smaller luggage that we put under the seat in front of us, what to wear on the flight that will also be comfortable and look good once we get to our destination. We have finally mastered traveling.

So, when Connor asked me around 7pm Friday night if I wanted to catch a redeye to Florida, with less than 15 min to pack, I knew the answer was yes before I even spoke it. The thing with Florida is that it’s “our” place. It was where we began our original adventure. Together we left Washington State to move down there for schooling. We had no one down there, we were all alone, it could have broken us, but instead it brought us together. It’s where I really truly fell in love with Connor. This also means we have friends down there. In actuality, Florida is an easy trip to us. We have friends who picked us up and let us spend the weekend with them. Lounging on the beach the whole time? No wonder I wasn’t prepared to head back home for another 40 hour work week.

Yeah, have I mentioned that I work 40 hours a week? I leave around 8am, and don’t get home till around 7pm, Monday- Friday. Connor works 3am-3pm Tuesday-Thursday. If we can travel like this, so can you. Is it easy? Not always. Am I exhausted when I come home? Yes, especially when we leave Friday evenings and don’t get back home till Sunday evenings. Do I dread coming back to work? You have no idea, it’s incredibly depressing. It’s traveling that keeps me going though. I wake up on Mondays and count down how many days I have left until I can hop on another plane to another faraway place.

Until next month, happy travels!


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