Saturday, June 14, 2014

Cannon Beach for the Mom's Birthday

Oh, Cannon Beach, I love you so! If you live in the Pacific Northwest and have never been to Cannon Beach, well, shame on you! Seriously though, it’s the cutest little town on the coast. It’s where Connor and I spent our first Valentines together. And Haystack Rock is killer awesome in person. But onto the trip itself, we decided to celebrate my mom’s birthday here this year. It’s the only time she forces herself to go on vacation (on her birthday). Needless to say, this trip was less about us really ‘traveling’ and more about my mother. I was so busy watching my little sister I didn’t really get to enjoy myself too much. Though, we did take her to Seaside and went to an arcade, then spoiled her with ice cream and salt water taffy (for the record, the salt water taffy here DOES NOT taste as good as San Francisco..). Anyway…

Until next month, happy travels!


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