Monday, December 17, 2012

Won't you Catch up Already?

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Turns out after not flying in months, you're pretty rusty! That's a given, though. So obviously, after being absent from flying in so long I've had to do some catching up, getting myself back up to where I was before. I did the usual, went out, did some maneuvers, came back and stayed in the pattern, just getting my feet a little wet. At first I was second guessing myself, but after a little while I felt it slowly coming back. I deposited $3500 into my account there so that I wouldn't spend that money. So from here on out, I'll just have that added to my "total spent" since I'll be using it all for my training anyways.

I've had four lessons in a row canceled on me. The weather in the pacific northwest is always crappy this time of year. I did do a ground lesson though and performance landings and take offs. Next: read up on VORs (which I haven't even began).

On a side note, I'm having some difficulties with my candidacy for the marines. The doctors told me my eyes were worse than what I was a year ago, way worse. I decided to get a second opinion. Worried this might effect my eligibility I contacted the captain. He told me, we're waiting to hear back, but that things look good and I shouldn't worry about it. I have OCS prep soon. Not going to lie, I'm terrified. I'm working double hard during my workouts, trying to get as strong as I can, as fast as I can. The only problem is- with these new workouts it's taking me two days instead of one to recover. It's also cutting into my run time.  I could go run, but what if I injure myself? I'm stuck in this constant, need to run, should run, but worried about injury mindset. How far is too far to push myself?

Meanwhile, I've just started studying for my written. I wanted to do it during my Christmas break. But I was under the assumption Id be using this flight time for cross country, not getting back up to solo. Irritating, but necessary since I've taken so much time off. Not flying for those months really set me back. I'm not about to let that stop me though!

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