Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fall Flying

After a few months of practically no flying (well me at the controls anyways) I’m happy to report that I’ll be back at it until I get my license this time,  assuming the weather plays nice.  I’ve decided the ‘perfect’ time to get my license will never occur. I’ll always be busier than I’d like, so I might as well hit the ground running. At least if I start back up now, I can hopefully start my cross country before my winter break at the college. I’m shooting for taking my written then as I’ll be able to eat, breathe, and sleep aviation for two-three whole weeks. It all depends on the weather though, so I guess we’ll see.  Fingers crossed for a few months of decent weather (or at least on the days I fly). As for an update on how the Marine situation is going, my run time isn’t improving as fast as I’d like,  I’m still waiting to hear back on all my medical exams, and I’ve got a COIN class and TDG (tactical decision games) discussion on the 17th. Should be a great learning experience.
 Until next time, keep the blue side up.

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