Monday, February 4, 2013

If Only the Weather Could Apologize

Paine Field
Cessna 152

November 9, 2012: 1.2 hours 4 landings
November 11, 2012: 1.1 hours 5 landings
December 14,2012: 1.5 hours 8 landings
January 3, 20121.1 hours 11 landings
 photo 81a5309a1a5611e2b0f022000a1cbafb_7.jpg
(My beautiful city)
If only the weather could apologize, then maybe I wouldn't dislike it as much as I do now! I just want to do my second supervised solo so I can move on with my training, is that so much to ask for? Well, in the Pacific Northwest, I guess it is (who am I kidding, I love our weather).

Being in college (nonflight) and taking flight lessons along with trying to become a Marine Office is time consuming. No matter how hard I try, I just can’t find the time to continuously keep my blog updated. So I supposed you’ll forever get everything in chunks. Whoever is out there reading these things anyways.

My flight training, the one thing in my life that constantly is like a game of tug of war. One minute I’m flying, the next I’m not, the next I am, and once again I am not. I did start my training back up. When I got back to it Novermber 9th, my instructor said as I had expected- time to get me back up to solo. So that’s exactly what we’ve been working on. 

November 11th there were some crosswinds, which for some reason I prefer when it comes to landings, so long as its light. I’m not sure why but I feel like I do better with some crosswind in there. Maybe I’ve just been lucky. 

I had another flight on December 14 (4 lessons were canceled in a row before this due to bad weather- I had one ground lessons in there about soft and short field landings) where I did a pretty amazing emergency simulated landing. I mean, after about 7 months of not flying and not reading up on it, I’d like to think I rocked it. 

And finally, my lesson on the 3rd. Stuck strictly to the pattern as it was way too damn early and I had been spacey. The landings weren't too bad, off center line a couple of times for over correction of the slight crosswind we had. But other than that, pretty good. At one point I did a go-around and messed the procedures up for that. At 30 something hours I’m still making idiot mistakes. When we landed though, my instructor said I was finally ready for my supervised second solo! Unfortunately, the weather has been grounding me.

Total amount invested thus far: $7116.66
Total hours: 33.5;Total landings: 145

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