Friday, April 6, 2012

Against The Odds

April 6, 2012
Post surgery

Waiting to get back up there

Those who feel the pull of the sky, are a rare kind indeed. We are not meant to fly. Yet, despite all the odds we feel it deep within our souls. It’s something that lurks beneath the surface, but is instilled in all of us from the beginning. The need for freedom, adventure, to simply escape the earths surface.

To one day no longer call myself a student pilot, but a pilot. Something, that I am working hard towards, will be the day the world is in my hands. That doesn't mean that being a pilot comes easy. And anyone that says it does is either lying to you, or is not a true pilot them-self. Have you ever noticed how every pilot you’ve met has had this air of confidence about them? It isn't because they think they’re awesome for being a pilot (though that’s true too). It’s usually because their training has provided that confidence for them. You see, as student pilots, we will struggle. We will make more mistakes than we can count. We will be defeated many a times and we will be tested to the point where we will want to give up. I have walked away from my lessons feeling like a failure. Feeling like I will never get that maneuver down. Defeated in every way. After every lesson, I’m raw, open and exposed and simply feeling way too much. But, isn’t that the point? Only someone who truly has a love for flight will get back up, no matter how many times they’ve been knocked down. They will get up, because it’s not the victories or losses that count. It’s the love for flight that only lies within a true pilot’s heart that keeps them going.To be cast among the few and to one day be able to call yourself a pilot. Someday, I hope to achieve that. There’s this quote by Titus Maccius Plautus that comes to mind as I type this, “flying without feathers is not easy for my wings have no feathers.” A perfect title. I fly without feathers, but by no means is it coming easily. 

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